Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Product Swap & Positional Word Fun!

So, I am part of an a super fun PRODUCT SWAP and I was lucky enough to swap products with a fellow special education teacher and my kids loved it! You rarely find activities using positional words so when I saw this I jumped all over it! I especially liked that it was "hands on"! Positional words are really something you need to "do" and not just watch. My kids were able to experience trying out all of the positional/spatial words themselves using these super fun graphics!

For this activity we practice using the super cute picture cards with the scenery. The tree was a great visual which helped in using the positional word. 

This is my student placing the bird "beside" the tree!

Here is a list of all of the positional words included: 
above / below
in (inside) / out (outside)behind / in front ofon (on top of) / undernext to (beside)between (in the middle)before / afterto the left / to the rightheavier / lightershorter / longer 

This is my student placing the bird on "top" of the tree!

The set also came with some black and white coloring pages which the kids loved!

You can find this product as well as many other amazing and useful products for special ed students at the below TPT store! 

Play Learn Teach also has this great FREE ( yes FREE!) counting practice set!

      FREE!!!! Counting Practice

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