Friday, May 31, 2013

Ever since I was hired to teach middle school next year  I just can't stop thinking about how my class will arranged next year so it was PERFECT timing that upon reading The Bender Bunch Special Ed blog I stumbled across Joy in 6th linky party.... participate in this linky here goes....

Leaving my student with even one minute of down time is bad news! Since my student come in at different times and some have breakfast I need to create some morning work that both meet s their needs as well as their academic level. I have started to create some stamping pages for my kiddos that are not able to write. 

I started a "data wall" earlier this year that you can see on my blog and OMG did it help! It really was an excellent visual to help remind me to remain focused on goals and take data. 

Since I do an end of year video I usually end up taking a bazillion photos the last month of school but the best part of the video is seeing the kids change over the course of the year so I am going to set up a reminder to take candid photos all year long.

With my class  I SOOOO need volunteers. An extra set of hands is crucial and I plan to make a it a priority to find quality volunteers to ensure my students get the most out of our community based outings. 

Well, there you go! Feel free to join in and share some of your ideas for what you will be doing differently next year. :) I love love love to hear new ideas. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday FUN-day Freebie!

Here is a fun little Father's Day acrostic poem set with really cute clip art of different types of fathers/jobs. Hope that you enjoy them! I just LOVE the plumber and fisherman!!!

All of the clip art in this set can be found at A Sketchy Guy

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Field Day 2013!

These are a few pictures from Field Day yesterday! It was so much fun and I had some wonderful volunteers that were amazing! We have such a great team that really goes above and beyond to make sure that my class is included. 

This day was a success but lately I have been having some issues with my school including my students in activities they should absolutely be included in. This makes me wonder if other schools experience the same thing and how they handle it. Here is my example.......

So, all of the 5th graders were invited to a training to prepare them for the transition to middle school yet the person in charge failed to invite my 3 5th graders. This really upset me. They are more than capable of attending and comprehending and need this just as much if not more than all of the other kids. Grrr....made me so mad. Crazy thing is before I taught special ed, I wonder if I had the same thought process? Special ed has taught me and continues to teach me every day. I feel like I really need to advocate for these kids. I would love to hear how others handle this type of situation. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sunday FUN-day Freebie!

Ok- so after a few weeks off due to grad school and car accident I am finally back with my Sunday FUN-day freebie!

Special Education Morning Work Samples

Here are a few pages of a packet I am working on. This will be ideal for students learning to write or unable to write due to a physical disability. Students can use letter tiles or stamps to complete or they can write in the space provided. Just click on the link and you can download from my TPT store for free. :)

May Currently!

I have really really been missing my blog due to grad school, moving, and just plain life! But I am back for now with a fun new May Currently thanks to Farley ! Ok here goes....

Why do I feel like I am always listening to my dogs bark? Oh yea, that's right that's because that is ALL they do!!!

I am loving that after 6 months waiting for this house to be built I am finally moving this week! I am so excited to have a new house. 

I really really need a vacation! I know people always say that but this year has been so incredibly hectic I don't remember ever being soooo stressed! So, this is where I am booking a few nights the day after school gets out! 

Is this place gorgeous or what???? The best part is that it's only 15 minutes away! I live in Vegas and this is at Lake Las Vegas! It is so nice and fun for the kids! There is a slide down the ountain and kayaks and a spa! yeah!!!!

But BEFORE I think of putting on a bathing suit I am NEEDING to get to the gym! With this crazy schedule I have been missing the gym more than I care to admit. Boo!

As for my bucket list, I start a new job next year and it's middle school which is totally new to me so I really need to be extra prepared this year which is what I plan on doing in my "spare" time. Oh, I am also teaching summer school in July so not sure how this is going to happen. 

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