Friday, June 21, 2013

New Classroom New Job New House!

So, many changes have been going on lately and one of them is I am making the switch from elementary to middle school! I am really excited and really nervous. I have NEVER taught middle school, BUT I have had many of the students from previous years so it will be awesome to see them again. I am including a picture of my new room. Please consider this the BEFORE picture as I have not yet done one thing. I plan on spending my summer designing my new room and then about two weeks decorating and rearranging things. All this while teaching summer school and grad school! I must be nuts!

This is how it looks from previous year...lots to do!

This is my room BEFORE I move in....a bit messy.

And if a new job is not enough change I also am finally in my new house! Here is a picture of my bare naked kitchen. Pretty bland huh????? Just need some time and dinero ($$) and I will spice it up a bit! All in time......
My new kitchen island ---so boring for now...blah


  1. I know the feeling of new house, new job, new school! We moved into a new house last summer and I am moving into a brand new school this summer! Whew! I'm sure you will have your house and classroom looking good in no time!

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  2. I hope so Kim! :) I guess I just need to be patient!


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