Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Currently!

I have really really been missing my blog due to grad school, moving, and just plain life! But I am back for now with a fun new May Currently thanks to Farley ! Ok here goes....

Why do I feel like I am always listening to my dogs bark? Oh yea, that's right that's because that is ALL they do!!!

I am loving that after 6 months waiting for this house to be built I am finally moving this week! I am so excited to have a new house. 

I really really need a vacation! I know people always say that but this year has been so incredibly hectic I don't remember ever being soooo stressed! So, this is where I am booking a few nights the day after school gets out! 

Is this place gorgeous or what???? The best part is that it's only 15 minutes away! I live in Vegas and this is at Lake Las Vegas! It is so nice and fun for the kids! There is a slide down the ountain and kayaks and a spa! yeah!!!!

But BEFORE I think of putting on a bathing suit I am NEEDING to get to the gym! With this crazy schedule I have been missing the gym more than I care to admit. Boo!

As for my bucket list, I start a new job next year and it's middle school which is totally new to me so I really need to be extra prepared this year which is what I plan on doing in my "spare" time. Oh, I am also teaching summer school in July so not sure how this is going to happen. 

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  1. Hey I am so glad I found you on Farley's blog hop. I am an autism teacher in Texas. I understand your loving to be in your new house soon. We are house hunting right now and can't wait to get out of this apartment. I can't wait to see your future posts.

    Challenges Make Life Interesting


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