Saturday, March 2, 2013

IEP Snap Shot....Freebie!

Here is a an IEP "Snapshot" form that I created. It is a one page reference containing important components of the IEP. I use this in addition to distributing the full IEP to general ed or mainstream teachers or others who work with my students. I also have it handy for my own quick reference when I just need a reminder and don't have time to fumble through 30 plus pages! Just click on the link below and download for free. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Thank you so much! I know that this will come in handy. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  2. You are welcome! I hope you like it! :-)

  3. Hello! Just came across your blog...I love it! I'm currently teaching third grade with no students who need IEP's, but I'm trying to learn more about exceptional education so I am knowledgeable and prepared for anyone who comes through my door in the future! I'm absolutely printing off this snapshot and saving it for later! Anyways, I'm your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my blog! :)


    1. Thank you! It does come in handy! I like your blog! :-)


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